Tangy Takayna

Tangy Takayna

The unique purple peppery deliciousness of Tasmania Native Pepper Berry, tangy orange zest, wild fennel fronds, fennel seeds and a touch of Tasmanian smoked salt.

Harvested as plump berries on private land in Tasmania’s Tarkine Wilderness, pepper berry (Tasmania Lanceolata) is the signature flavour of Tasmania.  Hot but sweet, fresh and smooth, nothing tastes quite like it!

Tangy Takayna blends the peppery kick with the freshness of fennel and the sweet citrus zing of orange into a blend that brings sophistication and warmth to all kinds of dishes.

Delicious with baked fish, exceptional with roast pork, try it as an exotic flavour difference  with carrots, sweet potato and other root vegetables.  A brilliant sprinkle over a greek or other green salad.

Try it in your own kitchen or give it as part of a fabulous Tasmanian gift.

Use sparingly, the deliciousness is concentrated.