Personalised Spice Blends

Do you have a signature dish that everyone raves about?

Do you WISH you had an easy, go to, meal that the whole family enjoys?

Is there a special event (birthday, anniversary, wedding, etc.) coming up and you want to surprise people with an utterly unique gift?

Is there a Wood Duck Spice blend that you like but you wish it had a bit more or a bit less of something to make it exactly the way YOU like it?
Then you need to order you own specialised blend!

Wood Duck will work with you to create a totally unique spice blend that we can then keep on file and tweak to your specifications.

No more pawing through recipe books and last minute trips to the store searching for that rogue impossible to find ingredient.  Wood Duck will blend a mix to your exacting flavour standards and deliver a personalised package that will be there, ready to go, whenever you need it.

Isn’t it time “Dave’s Chicken Wing Rub” got the attention it deserves?  Wouldn’t it be handy to have “Nan’s Original Christmas Pudding Spice” waiting on the shelf for when the festive feeling hits?
Perfect for presents, party favours, leaving home gifts or simply because it makes your life 10x easier!
Let Wood Duck create a blend just for you!

Help Wood Duck Spice create your personalised blend by filling in a few answers to start to build your flavour profile.