Wood Duck Spice has the philosophy that every meal should be a great meal.

Living in Tasmania and being surrounded by some of the best fresh produce on the planet we should make sure that we appreciate it and treat it right.

Wood Duck Spice tries to make that a bit easier for everyone.

Using the tastiest herbs and spices Tasmania and the world have to offer we toast, roast, grind, blend and mix specialty herb and spice blends to take your next meal to the next level.

And make it simple.

At Wood Duck Spice we grow it if we can, source it locally and organic whenever possible, and make sure that our overseas exotics come from ethical sources.

Wood Duck Spice blends are ALL SPICE.  Freshly roasted and ground as required.

No preservatives, no fillers, no anti caking agents. 

This guarantees the richest flavours and no nasty surprises. 

However you do need to store your Wood Duck Spice out of direct light and occasionally give them a little shake or stir to loosen them up if they’ve settled in the jar.

Packaging is reusable, recyclable or compostable (yes even those ‘plastic’ bags the spice refill blends come in. They are actually made from cellulose, a wood pulp fibre) 

Wood Duck Spice would like to give you the chance to sprinkle/rub/sip or stir your way to culinary excellence, without any extra effort at all.

Wood Duck Spice – made in Tasmania and making good food even better!

Have a wander around woodduckspice.com for preserving tips, food ideas, great cocktails and easy, yet awesome, recipes.