Taiwanese Salt

Taiwanese Salt

“What is the big deal?” you may ask yourself… “How can Taiwanese salt differ to any other old salt?”

Well!  Rich Asian essential flavours are roasted into rock salt and then ground to a fine sprinkle that may possibly change your life!

Perfect on BBQ or fried seafood… ideal with calamari or squid!  A tiny sprinkle before serving enhances the fresh flavour and gives a depth of flavour you will adore.

Also magnificent with vegetables, meats and especially tempura.

If you want an extra special treat why not make some Popcorn Chicken?  No not the one from ‘that’ fast food place, but the traditional Taiwanese street food!  A little bit of preparation but WHOAH!  You can see why it is such a firm favourite with the locals!

Use sparingly, the deliciousness is concentrated.