Panch Phoron – Bengali 5 Spice

Panch Phoron – Bengali 5 Spice

Panch Phoron is like a magical potion, heat some ghee or vegetable oil and throw in a teaspoon or two – when the spices start to ‘pop’ add your other ingredients.  All will be infused with the unbelievable aroma and flavour of this simple blend of five different whole seeds.

In India to temper spices like this is called Tadka.   You can do it at the very start of the cooking process or at the very end.

A drizzle of hot ghee or oil and some tempered Panch Phoron sizzled over the top of a vegetable curry is a thing of beauty.  Turn some steamed vegetables into an exotic delight.  Toss some new potatoes in a sizzling pan of Panch Phoron tadak for a side dish to delight.

The starting step of a delicious Beef Bhuna.  Sizzle, stir, set and forget!

Spiced rice can be made with your tadka at the beginning (biriynani style) or at the end.

Panch Phoron is perfect for curries, ideal for dhal.  Try it!