Curry Salt

Curry Salt

Did you know what the favourite sportsground snack is in Germany?  Currywurst – Chips and sausage under a curry sauce! Once you try it you’ll be fuming you wasted a lifetime of sports watching munching on dubious pies.

But what if you aren’t at the Olympiastadion in Berlin?  What if you are sitting in front of the tv with a bowl of hot chips in front of you?  Curry Salt to the rescue!

Based on Wood Duck’s favourite Nippon Curry blend with a couple of additions for a bit more kick, Curry Salt is just the thing to jazz up some chips, give a new twist to your potato bake, make your vegetables say “Why thank you!” or just make that sandwich a cut above.

Curry Salt – like salt, only with a currylicious difference!

Use it when you want a more interesting, more currified sprinkle.