Boozy Fruit Infusing Spices

Boozy Fruit Infusing Spices

Aromatic whole spices for making delectable spiced fruit infusions.

Almost fill a jar with your favourite dried or fresh fruit and the aromatic spices.

Add your alcoholic tipple of choice and leave in a dark cupboard to take on the aroma and taste of Wood Duck Spice.

Dried fruits go especially well with rum or brandy and are then plump and insanely delicious and ready to add to your next recipe.  (Perfect for Christmas treats) use the liquor to give a kick to your next mulled cider or wine.

Use a clear spirit (usually vodka or gin) with fresh fruits (try cherries, blackberries or plums ) add some sugar and leave for at least a fortnight, or up to 3 years and use the resulting liquid as an exceptional liqueur either straight up or in magnificent cocktails.  Use the fruit in grown up desserts and puddings.

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