Black Masala

Black Masala

As huge and varied as the Sub Continent itself, Indian flavours come in all iterations.

Wood Duck Spice Black Masala is no different, it is a rich unusual blend of toasted exotic flavours to bring depth and richness to all types of meat and vegetables.

This is a very mild blend so ideal for serving to younger diners and people who don't like things hot.

(for those who like a good chilli kick it is recommended you add fresh chillies in the cooking process, or serve a nice firey chutney on the side)

Perfect for curries, ideal for dhal.

All lentil dishes, flavouring rice or roasted or curried cauliflower.

Mix with oil and salt and use as a rub before roasting or baking.

It can even be used as a pinch of exotic tang in your sweet baking!  (Your Pineapple Upside down cake will thank you!)