Pickled Onions

Prep Time 12 hours


  • 1 litre vinegar
  • 2 kg small onions this is not a precise amount – use what you have, be it 500g or 4kg
  • 200 g sugar (or honey)
  • 20 g Wood Duck Spice Pickling Mix
  • 2 TBS salt


  • Peel small onions and place in a non metallic bowl with two tablespoons of salt and cover with iced water.
  • Leave for 4+ hour or overnight, then drain.
  • In a saucepan heat one litre of vinegar 200g sugar (or honey) and Wood Duck Spice Pickling spice.
  • Remove onions from brine and pack tightly into sterilised jars.
  • Pour hot pickle over the onions and close.
  • Keep in a dark cupboard for a minimum of two months before opening.
  • * leftover pickling liquid can be stored in a sealed container in a dark cupboard for reusing.
Keyword condiment, onion, pickles, preserves, savoury